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Aims and scope

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GEO DATA is an official journal of GeoAI Data Society( GEO DATA represents an open geoscience research data platform and publishes scientific data.

The first issue of GEO DATA was published in December 2019, led by the Korean Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, National Institute of Ecology, Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Korean Aerospace Research Institute, and Korean Polar Research Institute, all of which focus on earth sciences research and data generation.

Data articles describe datasets and provide details on definitions, sample collection dates and locations, and file formats, among other relevant information. However, data articles do not provide details on scientific processing or analysis of datasets. The main purpose of data articles is to provide descriptions of scientific datasets to facilitate further research based on those datasets.

GEO DATA makes it easy for researchers to share and reuse data in the following ways:

  • ㆍWe provide detailed data to help readers generate new data.
  • ㆍWe make data easily accessible.
  • ㆍWe promote a wide range of papers and data, thereby increasing the number of citations for authors.
  • ㆍWe offer authors new opportunities for collaborations.
  • ㆍWe encourage authors to submit data from all research areas to promote inclusiveness.

To be published in GEO DATA, the presented data must have been acquired and collected in a scientific way and be of value to the research community.

GEO DATA covers the following fields:

  • ㆍAgriculture
  • ㆍAstronomy and Aerospace Science
  • ㆍEcological Science
  • ㆍEnvironmental Science
  • ㆍForestry
  • ㆍGeological Science
  • ㆍHydrology and Water Resources
  • ㆍMarine Sciences
  • ㆍMeteorological Science
  • ㆍNature Disaster Analysis
  • ㆍPolar Science
  • ㆍOther fields related to geoscience and earth system science

Published data must be original and should contribute to data sharing and reuse. Articles that have been published in other data journals or are under review cannot be submitted.