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Rules for submitting and publishing papers

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Enacted    December 1, 2019
Amended      January 1, 2021
Amended         April 14, 2023

Article 1. Purpose

The rules are designed to specify matters related to the submission and publication of papers in GEO DATA of GeoAI Data Society (hereinafter referred to as the “Society”).

Article 2. Publication Frequency

GEO DATA publishes quarterly (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31).

Article 3. Aims and Scope

GEO DATA represents an open geoscience research data platform and publishes scientific data. Data articles describe datasets and provide details on definitions, sample collection dates and locations, and file formats, among other relevant information. However, data articles do not provide details on scientific processing or analysis of datasets. The main purpose of data articles is to provide descriptions of scientific datasets to facilitate further research based on those datasets. To be published in GEO DATA, the presented data must have been acquired and collected in a scientific way and be of value to the research community. GEO DATA covers the following fields: ㆍAgriculture, ㆍAstronomy and Aerospace Science,ㆍEcological Science, ㆍEnvironmental Science,ㆍForestry,ㆍGeological Science, ㆍHydrology and Water Resources,ㆍMarine Sciences,ㆍMeteorological Science,ㆍNature Disaster Analysis,ㆍPolar Science, ㆍOther fields related to geoscience and earth system science.

Article 4. Responsibilities and Compliance with Code of Ethics

  • 1. The Authors are responsible for the submitted paper.
  • 2. With regard to their submitted paper, all its authors must comply with ‘Code of Ethics for GEO DATA’. When any of the authors violates ‘Code of Ethics for GEO DATA’, the Editor-in-Chief (hereinafter referred to as “EiC”) may disallow or cancel the publication of the paper and impose disciplinary actions as specified.

Article 5. Types and Length of Articles

  • 1. The types of articles that can be submitted to GEO DATA are as follows.
    • ① Original Paper
    • ② Review Paper
    • ③ Short Communication
  • 2. The length of the submitted article should be around 2,000 words.

Article 6. Submission

  • 1. The Paper is accepted anytime and submission date is the day submission is completed at the Editorial Office.
  • 2. The paper must be written in compliance of the Template specified by GEO DATA to be registered and submitted.
  • 3. The paper that is found not to comply with ‘Rules for Submitting and Publishing Papers in GEO DATA’ and ‘Guidelines for Manuscript Writing in GEO DATA’ may not be accepted.
  • 4. The submitted paper shall not be returned.

Article 7. Submission Method

  • 1. When submitting an article, Rules for Submitting and Publishing Papers in GEO DATA’ and ‘Guidelines for Manuscript Writing in GEO DATA’ must be followed.
  • 2. Submissions are accepted through GEO DATA’s online submission system (
  • 3. Submissions must be accompanied by relevant data or include the DOI address of the data in the article.
  • 4. Related data must be deposited in the data repository upon submission.
  • 5. Metadata must be completed when submitting an article.
  • 6. When submitting an article, the basic information of the article must be completed according to the system instructions, and the article file for review must not include the name and affiliation of the contributor.
  • 7. When submitting an article, include the ‘Copyright Transfer Agreement’ and ‘Conflict of Interest’ forms.
  • 8. In principle, submitted articles must not have been published or submitted to other publications, and exceptional cases (invited paper, etc.) are subject to the decision of the Editorial Committee.

Article 8. Data Deposit Method

  • 1. Data related to an article shall be deposited in the appropriate data repository.
  • 2. The data repository must support the DOI issuance system to issue DOI addresses to the deposited data.
  • 3. Examples of data repositories are as follows.
    • ① Figshare
    • ② Zenodo
    • ③ Dryad
    • ④ EcoBank
    • ⑤ GeoBigdata OpenPlatform

Article 9. How to Write a Data Availability Statement (DAS)

  • 1. DAS is a guide for archiving research data and making data available to other researchers, and is called a data availability statement (or data access statement).
  • 2. The DAS is written by referring to the ‘DAS Template’.
  • 3. The contents of the DAS are related to the type of data sharing and are categorized as follows.
    • ① Immediate data sharing: Repository names, data derived from public resources (URLs, etc.), and data available in papers/supplementary materials.
    • ② Available upon request from authors, etc: Resource or repository not identifiable, data generated by a centralized, large facility, ethical/legal/commercial restrictions, use at author’s request
    • ③ Data not available for sharing: data subject to third-party restrictions (data available upon reasonable request and author permission), data not available for sharing (dataset has not been created and analyzed)

    Article 10. Review and Decision to Publish Paper

    • 1. The EiC shall decide whether to publish the paper or not.
    • 2. The review of the paper is conducted by two reviewers recommended by the Editor, and the review and the decision over its publication shall comply with ‘Rules for Reviewing Papers for GEO DATA’.

    Article 11. Copyright

    • 1. The authors shall be responsible for the content of the paper.
    • 2. The author(s) must transfer the copyright for the submitted paper to the Society, and for this purpose, the corresponding author(s) must submit ‘Copyright Transfer Agreement’.
    • 3. The author(s) may use part of their paper or other submissions published in GEO DATA in their other research, provided the published paper is referenced as its source.
    • 4. Only for commercial reproduction must authorisation be obtained from the Society.

    Article 12. Disclosure of Materials

    The Society may disclose a paper or other submissions in print or as online publications.

    Article 13. Manual of Style

    • 1. Writing and editing the paper to be submitted to the Society must comply with ‘Guidelines for Manuscript Writing in GEO DATA’ provided separately.
    • 2. The Editorial Board may edit the selected paper so that terms, characters, and orthography may comply with ‘Guidelines for Manuscript Writing in GEO DATA’.

    Article 14. Submission of Final Manuscript and Preparation for Publication

    • 1. Submit the final edited manuscript after publication is confirmed.
    • 2. The final manuscript must include the personal information of the author(s).
    • 3. The final manuscript submission must be accompanied by the ‘Copyright Transfer Agreement’ and ‘Conflict of Interest’ provided in the submission application form.

    Article 15. Publication Fees

    The author must pay the specified fee for the paper published in the Journal.

    Supplementary Provisions

    Article 1. Enforcement Date

    (Enacted December 1, 2019) This regulation shall come into effect on the date of promulgation.
    (Amended January 1, 2021) This regulation shall come into effect as amended on January 1, 2021.
    (Amended April 14, 2023) This regulation shall come into effect as amended on April 14, 2023.